Ross Dunn

What is your current role?

"I am a Senior Recruitment Consultant, working predominantly with Consultants in General and Elderly Medicine however I do cover all grades. I have many years’ experience working across a range of specialties”

What is the best thing about working here?

"The whole team are fantastic! Everybody is eager to help one another out and there is a real sense of teamwork across the board”

If you reflect on your time with Charterhouse, what have you had the opportunity to learn?

"Anything is achievable through team work, hard work and determination”

What’s your team like?

"Each member of the team brings something to the table and is passionate about what they do! The whole team are hungry for success and have a really positive energy” 

What support do you receive to enable you to be better at your role?

"From the management team to fellow recruiters, any support or assistance I have required, no matter what it is has been given straight away without question” 

How would you describe the culture here?

"Motivated and professional with a strong team working ethos”

What is it about recruitment that you love?

"Every day is different which makes the role incredibly challenging yet rewarding. One of the most satisfying parts of the job is knowing my candidates are happy with the service I have provided and the positive feedback received on the back of this”

What gets you up each and every morning and on the way to work?

"I strongly believe you have to enjoy what you do, otherwise why do it at all! Working with a friendly and supportive team also makes it easier”

If you could sum up the UK office in a sentence . . . ?

"In a word, Ambitious”

What would be the one piece of advice you would give someone starting at Charterhouse?

"Use the people around you for support, don’t be afraid to ask questions and most importantly give it your best”

If you’ve worked with other recruitment firms, what does Charterhouse do better than anyone else?

"The coffee machine is fantastic! But on a more serious note….. there is a real sense of inclusion from the get go and a genuine understanding of the locum market. Expectations are realistic and the staff are well looked after"


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