Why Locum?

There are so many reasons to work as a locum. Here are some of them:

  • Get out of a rut: Doing the same work day in day out can be thankless and exhausting. Locum work allows you to break with routine, avoid burnout and gain fresh perspectives.

  • Experience variety: With a whole range of unique opportunities, including placements in rural and remote communities, detention centres, military bases and corporate settings, there is something for everyone.

  • Give back: You will be providing an invaluable service to your peers and the communities they serve. As a locum, you may be covering a doctor who is off sick or on annual leave. Or you may be reinforcing a small team who really need your skills and expertise.

  • Flexibility: Pick and choose when and where you work. Locum placements vary greatly in terms of duration therefore you can work for a few weeks and then spend quality time on personal pursuits or with your family.

  • Use and build upon your core skills: when working in new environments and with new colleagues there is always another perspective and variation to approach. Your input and skills can further increase patient care and workforce standards amongst our clients. Or you could develop your core skills through new and alternative approaches.

  • Build your network: Locum placements provide you with a great opportunity to see what’s out there. You’ll get a feel for different roles, settings and geographical locations. Plus, you’ll build up a strong network of professional contacts, leading to potential long-term career opportunities.

  • Earn good money: Yes, locum work pays well, so you can work less for more. Ideal if you’re wanting to free up some time, or save for a holiday, house purchase or other project.

  • Gap filler: If you’re looking to fill gaps in your permanent roster, locum work allows you provide your services to patients elsewhere and earn some extra money while you do so.