Thomas Payne

What is your current role?

I’m a recruitment consultant, working within our Psychiatry team. I place Doctors at all levels, from newly qualified up to the most experienced specialist Consultants, throughout the whole of the UK.

What is the best thing about working here?

The people. I’m so lucky to work with such a talented and fun bunch! We are highly professional and excel at what we do.

If you reflect on your time with Charterhouse, what have you had the opportunity to learn?

The opportunity to learn about different specialities within the medical sector. Speaking and learning from highly skilled and intelligent Doctors.

What’s your team like?

Our team is very supportive, yet competitive. Creating a great atmosphere where we can all thrive and do the best we can.

What support do you receive to enable you to be better at your role?

On-going training and development, as well as being in an atmosphere with very experienced individuals. Within my first week I had a conversation with Renata from HR and she has offered continued support to ensure I am happy in my day to day role as well which is a great.

How would you describe the culture here?

Great culture, rewarding hard work with incentives and schemes

What is it about recruitment that you love?

Working from start to finish ensuring each candidates journey and experience of Charterhouse is unrivalled. Making my candidates life easier whether that is changing jobs to create a smaller commute, a better working-life balance, a higher pay rate.

What gets you up each and every morning on the way to work?

Being money motivated to create a comfortable lifestyle for me and my family. Working in a great environment that supports individuals and growth.

If you could sum up the Milton Keynes office in a sentence . . . ?

Charterhouse UK is a diverse, fun and happy place to work with highly talented recruiters, leadership, and support staff.

What would be the one piece of advice you would give someone starting at Charterhouse?

Embrace the support and training and become great at doing the basics in order to be excellent at everything else.

If you’ve worked with other recruitment firms, what does Charterhouse do better than anyone else?

Involving all members of staff as a human and not a number or machine. 


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