Jyotika Shah

What is your current role?

“I am a Senior Recruitment Consultant within the Psychiatry Division at Charterhouse Medical UK covering all grades and types of Psychiatry."

What is the best thing about working here?

"Having worked in a few Medical Recruitment agencies, Charterhouse is by far the best company to work for, there is an excellent work ethic here and instead of being just ‘another number’ you are well appreciated and looked after."

If you reflect on your time with Charterhouse, what have you had the opportunity to learn?

"I have learnt that if you create a good working environment and put 100% into your work you are on the road to success. Charterhouse have so much opportunity that you are positive and have faith that you can achieve your goals."

What’s your team like?

"My team are great! From day one everyone has been so kind and helpful."  

What support do you receive to enable you to be better at your role?

"From HR to Directorship level we are helped every step of our recruitment journey. In my first week at Charterhouse I was asked how I would like to develop my career and was strongly encouraged to follow my path and that I would be fully supported by Charterhouse to reach my goal."

How would you describe the culture here?

"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Whether you are having a good or bad day everyone is here to support you."

What is it about recruitment that you love?

"Success! Once you put the hard work in you are rewarded in so many ways. From getting a doctor available to finding them their suitable placement can take a lot of hard work however once you close the deal you feel so positive!"

What gets you up each and every morning and on the way to work?

"No day is ever the same in recruitment, so it remains exiting."

If you could sum up the UK office in a sentence . . . ?

"A relaxed but money motivated environment with days filled of hard work and recognition."

What would be the one piece of advice you would give someone starting at Charterhouse?

"Just be yourself, work hard and smart. Everyone is always willing to help and with the right work ethic you are on your way to success."

If you’ve worked with other recruitment firms, what does Charterhouse do better than anyone else?

"The pressure in other recruitment firms can be over whelming, however at Charterhouse you are able to manage your desk with minimal pressure but plenty of guidance. There is so much opportunity to develop your career at Charterhouse and you are fully supported to achieve this."


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